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01 January 2014 @ 11:07 am

This journal is semi-friends locked.
Personal entries are f-locked.
Fandom-related ones can be viewed by anyone. :))

Feel very free to add me though. I don't bite! Ü
If you want to be added back, please make an intro or something about yourself first.

Read my profile if you want to know more about me.

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Ryo and Tego were already claimed. *sigh* It's ok though, I want Inoo anyway. LOL!

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My Japanese butler is Aiba Masaki
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30 August 2013 @ 04:01 am
These past few weeks I've caught it again, the boy group addiction syndrome! lol. Forgive me for not being witty enough. Anyway, it feels like I'm back to square one, you know, the phase where I can't balance my fandom and my school life. I haven't felt this addicted in such a long time and believe me, I don't really like it. lol. I love fangirling but setting aside everything (especially school works) to fangirl is just...so the highschool me. lol. Anyway, who might be ruining my senior year in College?

awooooCollapse )
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04 June 2012 @ 08:13 pm
Unfortunately, all my post plans were ruined but who cares. lol. Anyway,

be-lated HAPPY 4 YEARS to my LJ!! :DD
Yes, it just doesn't seem like it but my LJ is already 4 years old. lol. I'm planning to post some kind of a history behind my discovery of LJ and the JE fandom but maybe I'll save it for my next post. :) 

Fandom updates? Hmm. Well, I haven't watched the whole Beautiful World concert yet but I have downloaded my favorite perfs. lol. I'm now focused on downloading their Wakuwaku Gakkou segments because the videos looked interesting and funny! :))

Okay, real fandom updates?

updatesCollapse )

Anyway, that's all I know for now. lol. I don't even know why I decided to post updates. lol. 

Changed my profile and journal layout because I just discovered an awesome layout community! :D rainbowdump My layout is kind of on the dark side but I just love the header so I can't resist! :DD 

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20 May 2012 @ 10:51 pm
I just randomly want to update! haha! It's because I was so happy to see some Beautiful World Tour perfs released! :D But I'm kind of disappointed because I didn't see Joy and To Be Free. T.T Joy is such a beautiful song and it was included in their Beautiful World Album right? I just can't forget that hibi hibi hibi hibi hibi kaze nagara line and how much fun they had recording it (as shown in their training camp), and Hatenai Sora doesn't have any raws yet. Dang! Seriously!? Why all my favorite songs?! lol. Well I guess I got one, Boku ga Boku no Subete. hehe! Loving that song since I heard it from their AU CM. :) Anyway, I'm not planning on downloading every perf because I want to download it as a whole and I want to watch it with karaoke and subs so I can sing along! HAHA! XD So for now I will just download the songs that I REALLY like. Like Aiba's solo, Boku Boku and I guess Believe. :D 

If you want to download the perfs too, check out arashi_no_jidai ! They have almost all the perfs there. :) 
Oh! Hold-up! Just got this link from Twitter! :DD Vendy has the whole concert! :DD

But I still won't change my mind! XD I will still patiently wait for the subs! :DD I have to get my external hard drive and internet connection ready because I can feel I would be downloading GB files. XD 

What else? NEWS!! Their Best Album tracklist and cover are out! Check it our HERE!
I don't think any of my chosen songs got in but what got me excited are their solos on the LE Album!! :DD I love Shige's Kakao and Happy Music so much that I'm dying to hear that super-clear-without-screaming-fans studio version!! :DD And the rumor was right, they are not re-recording the songs as 4 members. :| They're simply just compiling. So, I think LE is the best choice if you're buying this. Since you can get all the fan favorite songs from past albums/singles. 

Anyway, hooray for being updated!! :))) And I miss posts like this. :) I think I'll be posting some video re-caps slash reviews in the future! I don't know but I just wanted to share whatever I'm watching! haha! 

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25 April 2012 @ 12:20 am
I don't know why I just suddenly decided to update. I guess to have a simple mark in my 19 years of existence. lol. Actually, the day that actually marked it was last April 23rd but whatever. haha! Anyway, I don't know what's going to happen in my last year as a teenager but I do plan on changing some things. But I'm not actually good at that because seriously, I'm all talk and no actions at all. I've been telling myself to change my sleeping habit in like forever but up until now I'm still up until 5AM. So much for changing huh? 

Anyway, I changed my layout and my icon too, at least something in my life changed. lol. It's not that I don't love NewS anymore, it's just that I've been into the Arashi fandom a lot lately, practically because of their shows and movies and stuff, but it's just I guess to somehow make this journal parallel or congruent or whatever to what I'm actually into right now. I was planning to change my mood theme as well but I find it quite troublesome to upload loads of pics again and change links and stuff blah blah blah so maybe I'll save that for later. lol. I don't even know why I'm saying all these things. o.O lol. Sorry.

Changed my profile too by the way, the style and content. lol. Changed it into something more appropriate for a 19 year-old Political Economy student. haha!

So uhm, lately I've been updated in the fandom again, hurrah! haha! I'm checking my friends page again in the hopes to read a journal entry from a mutual friend. So far, no luck though. :| But I miss being updated in the communities that I'm watching so it's all worth it. :) I'm commenting in entries again as well, I'm even joining in the polls again too, which I really miss. I've also found several communities to join to, but I'm kind of still thinking on whether or not I should really join. lol. I'll decide on that some other time I guess, the communities are not going anywhere anyway... I hope. haha! 

Good NEWS to NEWS fans! :D Looks like the 4nin group are having their comeback! :) I can't wait really! I've actually used several emails to vote for the 4 songs that I want in their album! HAHA! I voted for Aki no Sora, Naiyou no Nai Tegami, Push On! and Forever (Unplugged Version). I really hope at least one gets in. :) Word is they're not re-recording the songs though. I'm not sure but I've read somewhere that they aren't. So does that mean that their new album would be like a compilation of their side A and fan favorites? I mean I know it'll be like that but I was expecting that they'll actually re-record all the songs as a four-member group but let's just wait and see I guess. :D Honestly though, I still can't believe that the NEWS that I love, the NEWS that already went through a lot of issues regarding losing members would actually still be losing members, LOST members already actually. But that's how this fandom goes so I guess I should stop dwelling on it and move on! It's so hard to though especially when you really really really LOVE the group. *sigh* Here I go again...

I guess I better stop now, I think I've written wayyyy too much than I actually intended too. lol. I just can't stop talking can I? lol. Blabbermouth. XD

Take care whoever is reading this! :D That is if someone is reading this! haha! :D

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14 April 2012 @ 08:46 pm
Just updating because I don't want a dead LJ. lol. Why do I always get the vibe that nothing's going on in LJ anymore? lol. Even though I still go here for downloads and stuff. XD Weird me alert. XD

Anyway, it's summer vacation here! And that means super hot weather! argh! Seriously! Now it feels so unfair that my room is the only one that doesn't have an air condition. lol. 

So..uhh.. what's up LJ? I don't think my F-list are updating anymore but good thing some of the fansub groups are still alive and kicking! :D But because of the recent Megaupload issue, downloading had been harder. I had no choice but to download the split files. Which annoys me especially when it's split in thousands. lol. Hyperbole. :P But I don't think anyone does that these days anymore? I can only see those thousand split files in old uploaded subs. Like 2008-ish or so. Anyway, no offense to anyone, swear! I can totally adjust with those split files. haha! :D 

Lately I've been into D no Arashi and Odoroki no Arashi. :D I just love the A no Arashi segment! *bias* In my opinion, DnA was the best in the CxDxG series. :) But GnA had its awesome moments too! :D Especially the drawing game where they had to match Ohno and Sho's drawings! haha! EPIC! :D 

Ohh! Yan Yan JUMP is awesome too by the way! :D Everyone was so funny to watch! :D Especially Inoo of course! haha! I have a new crush because of that show too! :) Nakajima Kento <3 KYAAA! :DD 

AHH! I feel like my 15year old fangirl self again. :) Can't imagine that I'll be turning 19 this 23rd. Time flies so fast. :) 

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29 November 2011 @ 11:31 pm
WOW! It's been such a long time since I last visited this site. I'm now so outdated with JPOP stuff. JPOP seems to be on LJ and KPOP is on Twitter so it's much easier to be updated with KPOP. Yikes. :|       
Hard to admit it but it's true.

This year seems to be a bad year for me, well, I'm not saying that good things didn't happen this year and hey the year's not over yet. lol. What am I saying? So is this a bad year or what? haha! I guess both. Somewhat good and somewhat bad. I'm not going to be ranting about the bad things that happened this year, some are wayyyy too personal to blog about. lol. 

This is just one thing that I can never accept and get over. The news that...

That news made me cry like a baby. And right now, I still can't accept it. I still think that NewS has 6 members and I might forever think that way. 

To read more of my reaction about this DEVASTATING news, please visit my other blog. :D 

The one group that I loved and supported the most turned me down. It's so sad. It still makes me cry. 
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