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Just updating because I don't want a dead LJ. lol. Why do I always get the vibe that nothing's going on in LJ anymore? lol. Even though I still go here for downloads and stuff. XD Weird me alert. XD

Anyway, it's summer vacation here! And that means super hot weather! argh! Seriously! Now it feels so unfair that my room is the only one that doesn't have an air condition. lol. 

So..uhh.. what's up LJ? I don't think my F-list are updating anymore but good thing some of the fansub groups are still alive and kicking! :D But because of the recent Megaupload issue, downloading had been harder. I had no choice but to download the split files. Which annoys me especially when it's split in thousands. lol. Hyperbole. :P But I don't think anyone does that these days anymore? I can only see those thousand split files in old uploaded subs. Like 2008-ish or so. Anyway, no offense to anyone, swear! I can totally adjust with those split files. haha! :D 

Lately I've been into D no Arashi and Odoroki no Arashi. :D I just love the A no Arashi segment! *bias* In my opinion, DnA was the best in the CxDxG series. :) But GnA had its awesome moments too! :D Especially the drawing game where they had to match Ohno and Sho's drawings! haha! EPIC! :D 

Ohh! Yan Yan JUMP is awesome too by the way! :D Everyone was so funny to watch! :D Especially Inoo of course! haha! I have a new crush because of that show too! :) Nakajima Kento <3 KYAAA! :DD 

AHH! I feel like my 15year old fangirl self again. :) Can't imagine that I'll be turning 19 this 23rd. Time flies so fast. :) 

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