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I don't know why I just suddenly decided to update. I guess to have a simple mark in my 19 years of existence. lol. Actually, the day that actually marked it was last April 23rd but whatever. haha! Anyway, I don't know what's going to happen in my last year as a teenager but I do plan on changing some things. But I'm not actually good at that because seriously, I'm all talk and no actions at all. I've been telling myself to change my sleeping habit in like forever but up until now I'm still up until 5AM. So much for changing huh? 

Anyway, I changed my layout and my icon too, at least something in my life changed. lol. It's not that I don't love NewS anymore, it's just that I've been into the Arashi fandom a lot lately, practically because of their shows and movies and stuff, but it's just I guess to somehow make this journal parallel or congruent or whatever to what I'm actually into right now. I was planning to change my mood theme as well but I find it quite troublesome to upload loads of pics again and change links and stuff blah blah blah so maybe I'll save that for later. lol. I don't even know why I'm saying all these things. o.O lol. Sorry.

Changed my profile too by the way, the style and content. lol. Changed it into something more appropriate for a 19 year-old Political Economy student. haha!

So uhm, lately I've been updated in the fandom again, hurrah! haha! I'm checking my friends page again in the hopes to read a journal entry from a mutual friend. So far, no luck though. :| But I miss being updated in the communities that I'm watching so it's all worth it. :) I'm commenting in entries again as well, I'm even joining in the polls again too, which I really miss. I've also found several communities to join to, but I'm kind of still thinking on whether or not I should really join. lol. I'll decide on that some other time I guess, the communities are not going anywhere anyway... I hope. haha! 

Good NEWS to NEWS fans! :D Looks like the 4nin group are having their comeback! :) I can't wait really! I've actually used several emails to vote for the 4 songs that I want in their album! HAHA! I voted for Aki no Sora, Naiyou no Nai Tegami, Push On! and Forever (Unplugged Version). I really hope at least one gets in. :) Word is they're not re-recording the songs though. I'm not sure but I've read somewhere that they aren't. So does that mean that their new album would be like a compilation of their side A and fan favorites? I mean I know it'll be like that but I was expecting that they'll actually re-record all the songs as a four-member group but let's just wait and see I guess. :D Honestly though, I still can't believe that the NEWS that I love, the NEWS that already went through a lot of issues regarding losing members would actually still be losing members, LOST members already actually. But that's how this fandom goes so I guess I should stop dwelling on it and move on! It's so hard to though especially when you really really really LOVE the group. *sigh* Here I go again...

I guess I better stop now, I think I've written wayyyy too much than I actually intended too. lol. I just can't stop talking can I? lol. Blabbermouth. XD

Take care whoever is reading this! :D That is if someone is reading this! haha! :D

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