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I just randomly want to update! haha! It's because I was so happy to see some Beautiful World Tour perfs released! :D But I'm kind of disappointed because I didn't see Joy and To Be Free. T.T Joy is such a beautiful song and it was included in their Beautiful World Album right? I just can't forget that hibi hibi hibi hibi hibi kaze nagara line and how much fun they had recording it (as shown in their training camp), and Hatenai Sora doesn't have any raws yet. Dang! Seriously!? Why all my favorite songs?! lol. Well I guess I got one, Boku ga Boku no Subete. hehe! Loving that song since I heard it from their AU CM. :) Anyway, I'm not planning on downloading every perf because I want to download it as a whole and I want to watch it with karaoke and subs so I can sing along! HAHA! XD So for now I will just download the songs that I REALLY like. Like Aiba's solo, Boku Boku and I guess Believe. :D 

If you want to download the perfs too, check out arashi_no_jidai ! They have almost all the perfs there. :) 
Oh! Hold-up! Just got this link from Twitter! :DD Vendy has the whole concert! :DD

But I still won't change my mind! XD I will still patiently wait for the subs! :DD I have to get my external hard drive and internet connection ready because I can feel I would be downloading GB files. XD 

What else? NEWS!! Their Best Album tracklist and cover are out! Check it our HERE!
I don't think any of my chosen songs got in but what got me excited are their solos on the LE Album!! :DD I love Shige's Kakao and Happy Music so much that I'm dying to hear that super-clear-without-screaming-fans studio version!! :DD And the rumor was right, they are not re-recording the songs as 4 members. :| They're simply just compiling. So, I think LE is the best choice if you're buying this. Since you can get all the fan favorite songs from past albums/singles. 

Anyway, hooray for being updated!! :))) And I miss posts like this. :) I think I'll be posting some video re-caps slash reviews in the future! I don't know but I just wanted to share whatever I'm watching! haha! 

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