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Unfortunately, all my post plans were ruined but who cares. lol. Anyway,

be-lated HAPPY 4 YEARS to my LJ!! :DD
Yes, it just doesn't seem like it but my LJ is already 4 years old. lol. I'm planning to post some kind of a history behind my discovery of LJ and the JE fandom but maybe I'll save it for my next post. :) 

Fandom updates? Hmm. Well, I haven't watched the whole Beautiful World concert yet but I have downloaded my favorite perfs. lol. I'm now focused on downloading their Wakuwaku Gakkou segments because the videos looked interesting and funny! :))

Okay, real fandom updates?

Uhh. Heard Chinen's having his first lead role in a drama and he has a lead actress!:)) My friend's so jealous that it's fortunate that the girl lives in Japan. haha! :D Good for Chinen though, we're all happy for him! For once it wouldn't just be Yamada Yamada Yamada. haha! XD 

I read in Arama that Sho's having a movie, apparently it's the series that he also starred in? I'm not 100% sure. The lead actress is Kitagawa Keiko. Lucky girl. Pfft. XD 

Hey! Say! JUMP's new album was released! YAY! Haven't downloaded it yet but I looked at the tracklist and it's pretty promising. :) I didn't like Inoo's face in the album cover though. Tsk. 

Another Sho-involving-gay-bars article was in Arama again. Wasn't really that interested about so I didn't bother reading. lol. Gay or not, my love for Sho will never change. HA! 

OH! And how could I forget about Arashi's Your Eyes PV full version release! GAAAA!! The song's nice and I think the PV's good too. I love Jun there!! I can't stop looking at him!! :))) I'm so sorry Aiba. HAHA! 

And last but not the least, someone spotted Taiyo, yes, the Ya-Ya-yah member. lol. So, some girl, probably his co-actress posted a pic of them in her blog. They were both wearing a school uniform, I forgot if it's for a drama or a movie. *FAIL* XD

Anyway, that's all I know for now. lol. I don't even know why I decided to post updates. lol. 

Changed my profile and journal layout because I just discovered an awesome layout community! :D rainbowdump My layout is kind of on the dark side but I just love the header so I can't resist! :DD 

Tags: je: arashi, je: hey! say! jump, je: ya-ya-yah
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