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new addiction

These past few weeks I've caught it again, the boy group addiction syndrome! lol. Forgive me for not being witty enough. Anyway, it feels like I'm back to square one, you know, the phase where I can't balance my fandom and my school life. I haven't felt this addicted in such a long time and believe me, I don't really like it. lol. I love fangirling but setting aside everything (especially school works) to fangirl is the highschool me. lol. Anyway, who might be ruining my senior year in College?


I've been aware of their existence since their MAMA MV but I didn't really get hooked because I find their MAMA MV just creepy. lol. Until now actually. hehe. But ever since they released Wolf and started being active on variety shows and radio shows, that's when my addiction just started. I just can't stop thinking about them! Seriously! A day can't pass without me listening to their music or watching their videos. At school I literally cannot listen to our professor properly because one of their songs kept on playing in my head! It's ridiculous I tell you. haha! Until now, I'm still suffering from it. lol. I really cannot focus. I do love them still though even though they ruin my senior year, which is like the most crucial part of everyone's College life. XD

Well, as the fans would say: "You can't have just one bias in EXO." Which is true. At first I really liked Tao (for his looks) then Chanyeol (for his voice and looks. hihi.) But then this guy just caught my attention and well..I guess his my no.1 now?

Yes, I find this guy with rainbow hair simply gorgeous! What's weird is that the reason he became my bias was his expressionless face! lol. At first when I was looking at their pictures I was like "Wow, this guy's just expressionless." Even in variety shows, he can't seem to laugh. lol. But I just weirdly found myself attracted to him. haha. However, I still do have a soft spot for Chanyeol and I'm also slowly falling for Baekhyun. lol.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to share that. And I'm trying my best to stop myself from turning my LJ into an EXO-bias one. Seriously.
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