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I've been MIA for a few months and the feeling sucks. haha! I can still remember the time when I spent all my hours checking out LJ communities and downloading subbed videos, but a lot has changed and so, to have some sort of an update here, I just want to share this. haha! :DD 

As the title states, wannabe writer, well, for a few weeks now I've been writing this story. I'm now on the third chapter, but believe it or not, I still don't have a decent plot. haha! :D It's called Untitled because I seriously can't think of a decent title. Anyway, I don't have much to say, you can check out my blogspot entries to read the first and second chapters. :D

I still don't know how the story would go so please feel free to suggest anything. hehe. :D 

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 This is a re-post from my blogger blog. :D This happened last July 9, 2011. :)  View the original entry HERE

Oh, yes! It's true!! Mario Maurer a.k.a P'Shone of Crazy Little Thing Called Love replied to my tweet to him on twitter! :)))) This is the best day so far this year! Okayyy, I lied. lol. This is the 3rd best day! haha! The first one was when I received my birthday present which was a Samsung Galaxy S Super Clear LCD phone! :) And the second one is the celebration of my 18th birthday! :))) So, anyway, THIS IS THE 3RD BEST DAY THIS YEAR! haha! :DD

Want proof?? Wait, I'll just rant a little. haha! Hey! I'm so excited about this! LOL! XDD

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just curious...

Since it's summer vacation, I started downloading loads of stuff again. LOL! My latest craze is Mago Mago Arashi granchildren for a day episodes (which includes Aiba) LOL! I'm biased that way. XD Anyway, every time I watch MMA Granchildren for a Day eps I always cry at the end of the episode. LOL! It's really sad to see those grandparents without granchildren and stuff (or they have one or more but they rarely help them :|) Those eps made me love my grandparents even more and made me thankful for having them. :) See, being sucked on the JE fandom isn't so bad after all. haha! XD NAHHH! I knew that a long time ago. LOL! This is not the first time that I realized things because of JE. LOL! XD WHATEVER! XDD

Anyway, moving on, so, what's up with the title? I was just curious as to who this is. XD
SHARE@DREAMWIDTH Hmm. If I'm not mistaken, those are NEWShFAN's subbed videos. Also, in the JE-Index, all NewS-related videos that we're subbed by NEWShFAN are linked there. If those are NEWShFAN's videos, who is the person behind it? I know a lot of people are making archives or whatever of NEWShFAN's subbed videos. But I can't help but think that the one behind SHARE is WENDY. I saw the latest entry and it was March 2nd, and in that entry, was subbed videos of Yamapi. And those are his interviews/perfs last Feb. And we all know that NEWShFAN deleted her journal on September 30? or so. If that's the case, why were there subbed videos of Yamapi's interviews/perfs last Feb??? o.O Plus, on the JE-Index, past subbed videos are linked there but were subbed by NEWShFAN, but in these new subbed videos, they're also linked there but SHARE subbed them. HAHAHA! I'm really getting crazy aren't I? Sorry, I'm just really hoping that Wendy is back on subbing. lol. Hopefully, I'll get an answer on this soon. HAHA! XD

PS: I'm slowly getting the hang of just talking to myself and not getting comments unlike before. :| But I still like to think that my F-List reads my entries in some way or another. >.> 

loving BEAST/B2ST! :))

OMG! I got into another Kpop fandom!! LOL! It's BEAST!! :)) OMG!! I love them and of course, their songs! I first heard them at MTV's Asian Takeaway. I saw and heard their song Bad Girl, and I fell in love with it right away!!! KYAAA!!! And of course, I have a favorite member. :P I love...

KYAAAA!!!! Lee Ki Kwang! or Gi Kwang. Whatever! LOL! I just LOVE LOVE him!!! :)) Seeing that pic makes me melt!! LOL! I'll definitely make an icon of him, I swear!! LOL! :P

He makes me forget that my external hard drive is broken and that all my important files are in trouble. LOL! XD That's the reason why I cant make an icon of him right away. :P my Photoscape is installed in my external hard drive. ARGH! 

GAAAA!! I'll forget about that and fangirl him instead!!! XD



Aww. I feel so lonely now. :(( I rarely see updates from you guys and in my last 2 entries, I have 0 comments. :(( I feel like my f-list abandoned me. LOL! :P Where are you guys?!?!

Ugh. I don't feel like writing anything... :P
ryeo wook

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time once again. LOL! I'm not posting new entries but I check my friends page every now and then. :))

So, what's up? Hmm. Last April 10 was Super Junior's Super Show 2! Oh it was AMAZING!! :)) Even though my friend and I were only at the General Admission, it was totally fine than not going at all! :)) And besides, a lot (and I mean a lot) of fans bought the Gen. Ad tickets as well. It was sold out! LOL! :P So yeah, it was so fun! I really had a blast even though my throat and hand sore ? hurt ? (IDK. LOL!) from the endless screaming and endless swaying (IDK what's the right word) of the light stick. But overall, it was the BEST concert ever! Can't wait for Super Show 3!! KYAAA! They said it was half confirmed! :)) 

I want to post LQ pics that I captured from my cp camera (because I thought digi cams were not allowed but they actually were! ARGH!) but my bluetooth is having some problems that I tried to fix a lot of times already, but I still failed to do so. :P AHHH! I still can't get over the concert!! :))

Anyway, (lol) I also want to post because I failed to greet these guys! I'm extremely disappointed at myself. :((
be-lated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:
Okamoto - April 1 1993
Eunhyuk - April 4 1986
Miura - April 5 1990
Ryutaro - April 6 1995
Jonghyun - April 9 1990
Yamapi - April 9 1985
Mizushima - April 13 1984
Daiki - April 15 1991

And this coming Friday would be my birthday as well! YAY! I'll be 17! Oh great! :P It would also be my interview in the University that I would hopefully be studying in. :)) Wish me luck! Ü

And oh, last thing (I promise!) my friends discovered this anime/manga inspired game, and I got addicted to it! And I just want to share it with you guys! AHAHAH! It's called TinierMe. Heard of it? Do you have an account? If you do have one or if you are planning to make one, please do add me there. Ü My name there is Chas17. Yoroshiku! :))

That's all. :))

Sorry, no LJ-cut. LJ hates me again. (what's new?!)


So yeah, last March 25, I'm officially a high school graduate! :)) YAY! It's kind of sad though, because my friends and I are going to take different career paths. :P I'm an optimistic person so I'm thinking that this journey of our lives is just God's way to test how strong our friendship really is. Ü Is it too much? IDK. I just like to think of it that way. 

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post comments and entries like before. :P I'll be active, I guess, but not super active anymore. :(( I have to settle documents and stuff that is required in the university that I'll be studying in. But no worries, I'll really really try my best to be updated and stuff.

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